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Do you want to rent your PROPERTY?

Do you have a holiday home or an apartment?

Would you like your vacation home to or give you an income instead of expenses?

With us it is easier than you think!

We are a company specializing in the promotion and rent of holiday rentals in beach towns along the Valencian Community coast.

You can rent your villa, your house or your apartment through us wherever you are in the world, all year round, for you it is hassle free :


  • Income and capitalize on your investment.

  • The tourists, with whom BHV works, not only visit in the summer months, but throughout the year to enjoy the temperatures and gentle climate out of season that in their home country they could not even dream of.

  • The tourists we seek are of medium-high level and they take special care of the properties they rent, as if they were in their own home.

  • At any time you can block weeks/days to enjoy your property with family and friends all done over the web, simple and easy to use.

  • If you want to sell your property in the future you can reinvest this income to improve it and make it more attractive for future buyers.

Fill in the following form and rent your house in a simple and safe way.

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